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Friday, May 11, 2012

Living with Lake

Surrounded by a clean blue lake, forests and valley is a beautiful village named “Long Ashton”. Mornings in the village starts with chirping of birds; sweet fragrance of flowers fills the entire village with divinely feeling; butterflies giving the signal of omens, rustle of leaves murmuring in the wind …
Such was the village and right in the middle of the village use to stay a small foresters’ family. A family of three: father, mother and a son.
Bret… Brettt… Where are you? Come son, the dinner is ready… Bret comes running inside the kitchen sniffing the smell of his favorite dish wafting in the air!
Don’t sit for food without washing your hands darling! Go and wash your hands first! Yes mom… And there comes Bret back after washing his hands, getting ready for dinner with napkin on his lap and spoon in his hand… Serve me more mom… You know it’s my favorite! Finish this first boy and you will get more, said father! Ok dad, said Bret in soft voice… Hey mom, what’s so special today? Why have you prepared Apple Pie! Darling, your dad is getting promoted tomorrow and now he will be looking after a team of 15! So, cutting rotten trees by self and stuff is now over! He will get his job done from others, while thinking better about forest! Wow mom, that’s great news! Congratulations Dad, I love you so much… Bret hugs his father and returns back at his chair… Mom give me more, it’s a reason to celebrate… and everybody laughed…
The next morning, as father was leaving for duty Bret came rushing and urged his dad to take him along for the visit as he had an off from school. Father agreed and they both went off to the forest! Bret saw the small celebration people did to welcome his father. Everybody was greeting George and Bret was feeling proud of it. Once everybody started working and got busy with their jobs Bret went to his father and asked him what he should do as he was getting bore! George told him to go towards the lakeside closer to forest where other kids were playing. Bret went there and joined other kids for playing. They all enjoyed playing the whole day and towards the evening Bret left for forest to go home with his father. They reached home, changed their clothes, got fresh, and had dinner.
Next morning Bret woke up, brushed his teeth, took shower, had breakfast and left for school. His father also went to forest with his lunch packed in the box. The routine life was going perfectly fine, when at around 1:00 pm Bret’s homes’ door bell rang. His mother opened the door as she was alone and saw few officials from Forest department standing outside. They all were looking horrified and tensed and no one was ready to say anything when one of the officials gave news to Merry. Merry, when the labor department was cutting rotten trees as directed by Mr. George Geissler, one of the trees fell on him and he died on spot! Merry broke at the very moment and tears started flowing down her cheeks! It was 1:15 pm and Bret was returning home from school when he saw people standing outside his home. He saw his mother crying out loud and asked what has happened. When Bret came to know about the incidence he rushed to forest to see his father! Watching people standing in group in forest and discussing, Bret went there and saw his father lying dead on the ground with blood all around. He lost his senses at the very moment and went numb. He did not say anything and did not even shed a single drop of water from his eyes! His father’s words were echoing in his ears “Darling; coward are those who cries! You are my strong boy and you will never cry for small or big things! You will always act brave!” Remembering his father’s words he left the place with Georges’ body and did the necessary rituals.
Now due to lack of money Bret stopped going to school. Looking at his mother crying day in and out Bret use to feel sad as he was not able to help his mother overcome the situation! With situation getting worse day by day he stopped going home and started spending his entire time at lakeside. He started talking with the lake and sharing the incidence about his father’s death, how his mother is not keeping well, his fathers’ teaching and things… Leaving early in the morning, spending whole day at lakeside, discussing things and coming back late night was routine! He saw his mother getting weaker day by day, but whatever money was coming home was not sufficient for getting her treated! Finally Bret started working in the same forest where his father used to work and started looking after his mother! Though the situation was improving on financial front, his mother was yet not fit!
One fine day, when Bret reached home he found his mother lying on the floor dead! Now Bret was all alone and the only motivation he had to work was also gone! He again started spending his entire time at the lakeside!
Days and years passed but sitting at the lakeside and discussing things did not! Now Bret was a handsome man in his mid twenties! Once sitting on the lakeside and remembering his father- mother Bret suddenly heard someone calling his name! He turned back and found a beautiful young woman standing behind him. The young woman in her early twenties, twinkling eyes, sharp features, slender body with long hair kept loose was staring at him with a smile at her lips. They started talking and now the only sympathetic ear around Bret was her. They both started sitting there for hours and discussing things. After days they both planned to get married and now Bret with his wife was leading a good life.
They had successfully completed two years of their wedding and they were now preparing to welcome their first child in the world, they both were very happy about the new born to come in months. Time passed and Ashley was admitted to hospital for her delivery. Doctor came out of the operation theater and told that it is a baby boy! They both were very happy. Now it was time for Bret to work more and earn more, so that they can bring up their child with all the wishes fulfilled!
Days were passing and so was Brets’ hard work. He was promoted and was earning a handsome package. Their child had started crawling and Bret had already started buying things for him! Looking at Ashleys’ busy schedule of taking care of child whole day Bret appointed a baby sitter. Now they have again started their regular practice of going towards lakeside which was missing since Ashleys’ pregnancy!
Once, when they both were sitting and discussing things in the warmth of bonfire, Bret saw a glimpse of lake in Ashleys’ face! The frame of face with no eyes, nose, ears but only a glimpse of lake (water)! Bret was shocked at his glance and shook his head! After a minute he saw his wife in natural look! He thought it was his misconception. Bret left his thoughts at lake only, took a small stroll with his wife and went home! Little Samuel was playing with the baby sitter. As soon as they reached, baby sitter left for home! All three sat together, played, had dinner together and went off for sleep.
The next morning as routine practice, Bret left for work and Ashley was preparing things for Samuel. In an hour’s time a baby sitter came running to forest searching for Bret and told that his wife was lying on floor dead with water all around and Samuel was playing in the water! Bret rushed home and saw his wife lying on floor. He saw Samuel playing in water next to her and took him up. As soon as he was about to kiss him he saw the same glance in Samuel’s face which he saw in his wife’s face a day before. He was now sure what was happening with him and that was the time when he hugged his son tight and cried out loud…!!!

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