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Friday, May 11, 2012


Its 6 O clock and the alarm  clock has started tik tik tik and  his hand starts moving on bed finding his soul mate and while his search ended in less then5 seconds he touches her and feel her and then they get together for next 5 minutes of enjoy and pleasure in short a good morning, then he gets up and went for bath and she left for morning preparation, he comes out get dressed arrange his bag and then he saw his children after 5 mins of huggs and kisses he set into the breakfast a toast and a glass of juice the 5 min breakfast, he then left for his office starts working and day progresses.
With many short appointments and corn call the day reaches mid time and then it is the lunch time he opened his lunch box and while eating desert kheer some thing strikes his mind o god it is PA’S bdy, he picks his Black beery and makes a call to his father congratulate him for 5 minutes and then call her wife for making some special food for daddy today in dinner.
After completing his work he reaches home watched news that 5 min fast news or t 20 news then he called his children and discussed about their  studies instead he scolded them and told them study hard else you will not be able to be in race
And then the dinner time  he had his father he gifted him the RADO watch which he bought with in 5 min on line and then after dinner he left for bed and there after 5 min of love he slept.
“IT IS SOME WHERE OUR STORY we have to change  because time is what you can gift and use for your family”

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