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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Lab

Dr.Von Heck sat in his laboratory. This was not the ordinary clean, white lab, no, this was a dusty lab, its walls were of black, charred stone, some splattered and dripping with unknown substances and were covered with a damp blanketing of mold, its floors covered with various mechanical parts and pieces. And nor was Dr.VonHeck was an ordinary scientist, his hair was grey and his skin ghostly pale, his crazed eyes seeming to retreat in to their sockets. The room was lit only by torches mounted on brackets that cast flickering shadows on the walls. A large contraption, no, monstrosity, cobbled together from household appliances and metal scraps, its parts gleaming with malice, sat in its center. A brilliant flash of lightning was greeted by a humming noise emanating from the device and a sickly smile and hoarse laugh from the mad scientist.
“Ha-ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha-ha, ha, ha, ha!”
As the maniacal mirth reached its peak, it suddenly ceased, and was replaced by a hacking cough.
The madman continued:
“Once the energy I have collected from the lightning, I will create a hole in space and time and will be free to traverse through time and space at will!”
And his cackling returned, and was cut off once more, but this time, a large, smoking piece launched free from the thrumming apparatus and the clattering as it struck the wall downed out his laughter. As the maniac doctor struggled to lift the fallen segment, he cried out
“Gor! Get over here you monster and help me!”
At his command, a hulking shadow, that, until then, had been sitting so sedentary, that it had looked as if it was part of the shadows itself. The monster, for it was just that, loped forward, slightly hobbling. As it stumbled along, from its mouth issued a low, guttural moan, seeming to emanate from the depths of its pained soul. The monster, Gor, as he called it, was made by the doctor during an experiment on re-animation, which was a success, except for the fact that the monster was mindless and had no will of its own. The brainless monster ambled over the spare parts scattered over the blackened cobble floor.
“Gor! Get over here you brainless monster!” Yelled Dr.Heck, beginning to grow inpatient with the slow creature. Instead the monster only moaned and meandered into the wall, its legs still moving as it tried, fruitlessly, to walk through the solid barrier, forcing the evil scientist to intercede with its pointless walk.
“Now Gor! Lope your way over here and lift this pipe!” But the command only resulted in a louder moan from Gor.
“Gor! NOW!” Screamed the deranged scientist who, if he already hadn’t, had reached his wits end, his mouth foaming at the corners. Grudgingly, the behemoth trudged over to the doctor and, picking it up as if weighed no more than a feather, hefted the bulky fragment over to where the erratic professor stood by the giant contraption. The brainless giant moaned once more, as if to suggest that the crazed doctor to release it from his command.
“Fine, you lazy beast, get back to your corner.” The abominating then staggered back to its dark recess. If the doctor’s creation ever thought, its soulless eyes and its slow actions did not convey feelings. Another flash of lightning and the room was filled with an incessant humming as the madman’s machine came to life. An unnatural wind whipped through the room and the throbbing increased in volume. The very world seemed to be shaking apart. Suddenly, there was a great flash and the noise proceeding seemed to have been the very heavens ripping apart. The machine ceased with a final, brilliant flash and the world was quiet once more. Muttering curses, the scientist dejectedly turned back to his machine. Perhaps, someday, the doctor’s dream will come true, but until then…
“Gor! Get over here you bumbling abomination!”
“Gor! Now!”
“Gor, you sorry excuse for a monster come here!”

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