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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

God: The Ultimate POWER…

“Where is the money going…???” shouted his mother at top of her voice. You better tell me if you are using it for personal, otherwise I am going to give you hard time Roger! Expressionless and shocked Roger was all in sweat as he never saw his mother going crazy like this!
A small atheist family living in the centre of town, which recently started earning success, was now in everyone’s eye! Their success was spreading like fire in the town! “How come; just how come they started living such lavish life in few months!” was the question all over…
This small, happy family was now in the trap! Initially it was only Rs. 10 or Rs. 20 which use to fly away from their house but slowly it became Rs. 500 and then Rs. 1000…!!!
The lady of the house was now bothered and started questioning both of her sons! She uses to scream at them stating “it’s your father’s hard earned money which you are stealing!” until she discovered the tore currency papers laying waste outside the gallery of her home!
She was now sure that it is not her children, as they will use money for themselves and will never waste it! The day she realized this, she purposely kept a Rs. 500 note in her wallet, kept it under her pillow and went to sleep with all her senses working if someone tries to play dirty prank. The next day when she woke up and saw the purse, it was empty! Soon she rushed out and again saw piece of currency papers lying out her balcony! Now she was scared of things happening at her home!
She did not discuss this with her sons thinking they will get scared; and thus shared it with a very senior person of the colony. He, as usual did not trusted her stating “it’s all rubbish”! The next day to verify, he gave her a note with his signature on it to keep in her wallet! But the note was intact as it was. She became furious and emphasized that something really fishy is going at her home! The next day she kept a Rs. 10 note in her wallet under his vigilance and told him to keep watch and to the senior person’s surprise the note was lying outside her balcony tore in pieces!
This was beyond the understanding of science and he recommended her to meet the Cleric! She had to unwillingly take shelter of The Ultimate! Cleric suggested holy procession at her home! During the sacred procession again the money incident happened and never after that!
Till date the entire family bow in front of “The Ultimate” and have a separate Holy Room for their morning and evening prayers…

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