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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Art of Disposal

Kade MacAllister turned the doorknob gently, a rush of adrenaline threatened to overwhelm him. He paused as his heart slowed back to a beat somewhat resembling its normal pattern. “Anyone here?” he called, his voice echoing throughout the apartment. He flinched involuntarily as the sound reverberated from the walls. Someone could have heard him.
He pushed the door closed and locked the deadbolt behind him. He could not risk someone walking in on him. He had a job to do, a very important one. He removed his gloves as he explored the apartment.
The apartment was almost completely bare of furnishings. The bed was unmade and recently slept in. Kade leaned close and took a deep breath, inhaling the scents mingling upon the sheets. A designer fragrance, he guessed, lingered with another scent. It was not a cologne but the scent of a man and of a woman, the pungent odor that lingered after sex.
He continued through the apartment, though there was really nothing to see. He was careful not to touch anything. Not yet, when he had his companion for the evening then he would put the gloves back on and…
There she was. His companion for the evening with pale white skin and long, flowing, auburn hair. Full and luscious lips, painted a blushing pink. Her eyes a faded blue that rivaled that of the sky itself. Her body was slender, toned, and curvaceous. Her legs were long and well muscled. If he did not know the truth about her he would have thought she was an athlete. He smiled as he thought of those legs wrapped around him as she whispered his name in the throes of ecstasy. He swallowed, hard, to keep from giggling. What would she think if he laughed like a giddy school boy?
He approached her cautiously, trying his best to impress her. It was not easy when you weighed three hundred pounds; and you were only five and a half feet tall. It had always been hard for him anyway. In high school the other kids had known he was a virgin and gave him hell for it. He had lost his virginity his senior year, but he had to pay a whore to do it. Ha, if they could see him now. He had a different date every night. They were all gorgeous, demure, and not one had turned him down.
He knelt and touched his latest love’s face. She was the prettiest so far. He caressed her pale cheek carefully and she did not object. None of his women ever did, they liked him caressing their faces. He moved his hand up, running his fingers through her auburn tresses. Her head tilted back in response to his touch. He entwined his fingers in her hair and kissed her so softly his lips teased hers.
He ran his fingers over the entire length of her body, memorizing every curve. “You are magnificent but I don’t know your name. Our friend did not tell me so I am going to call you Ariel, like the mermaid. You like that, don’t you? You have the name of a mysterious creature.”
Ariel made no objection to her name. He lifted her and carried her into the bedroom. He laid her upon the bed and resumed his exploration of her magnificent flesh. It was always so nice of them to wait for him naked.
He kissed her lips softly, then pressed harder, eager for her but not wanting her to think him too forward or pushy. He ran his tongue along her throat and down her body, leaving a thin trail of saliva. He paused as he noticed her hands. “Ah, what did he do to you? Your poor hands.” He kissed them gently and turned his attention to the angry red welts about her ankles.
“My poor, poor love,” he whispered as she lay allowing him to touch her and lick the wounds while panting softly. He stood, looking down upon her as he began to remove his clothing. He squeezed a bit of KY Jelly onto his fingers and inserted them inside her. “Now, now darling. It’s not as bad as all that.”
He mounted her and slowly moved within her. The feel of her flesh cool upon his heated organ. He whispered softly to her, reassuring her, but knowing when he was finished he would never see her again. He kissed her softly then lingered with his face close to hers. He breathed deeply taking in her scent.
The one time he had paid a whore she had smelled of a cheap floral perfume. Not his Ariel though, nor any of the others. They all had unique scent. None of the other men he knew had lovers that smelled quite the way his women did. They were all unique, not the kind just any man could have.
Kade knew he, too, was unique. That his needs were different from other men. He bit at the flesh of her throat as the sound of the lubricant squelching inside her excited him. He cried out as primal emotion ripped through him. He did not want it to end.
There had been many women lately. Past experience had taught him not to take anything for granted. It could be days, weeks, months, or even years before he could feel the cool flesh on his hot skin as he looked into the eyes of another lover. Tears formed as his orgasm exploded into his lover. Despite all his attempts he had finished too quickly. She probably thought he was a terrible lover now.
Weeping bitterly he arose from the bed. He waited for a reaction from her but there would be none forthcoming. He touched her hand affectionately. “You really were the most beautiful so far.”
He reached into his pocket and removed a cell phone. He placed his call and awaited an answer. “Hey, it’s Kade. How long do you think it will be before you hook me up again? That soon? Oh wonderful!” he exclaimed. Maybe this time he could endure longer and maybe he could get seconds for a change.
He caressed his lover’s cheek one last time as he spoke on the cell phone. “Okay. Not a problem. Disposal is what you pay me for. Say, what is her name anyway? I guessed but I want to know how close I was. Oh? I was way off but Laila is a gorgeous name for a gorgeous lady. See you a little later.”
He lifted Laila gently. “Sorry darling, disposal is what I’m paid for.” He whispered as he carried her toward the kitchen. He looked around scarcely finding what he needed. “Savion was right. You do have so few possessions,” he said as he located a knife suitable to remove the flesh from her bones.
He caught himself salivating fiercely as he made the first incision and the yellow fat of her thigh was exposed. He remembered his first disposal, he had been deeply disappointed when the yellow fat appeared rather than the red meat.
He had watched many horror movies and they always managed to bring lots of blood and red meat. Savion drank their blood when he killed him, so he did not expect much there. He wondered vaguely if it really did make Savion more powerful. Did it help him see the succubus so that he could dispose of them?
He shook his head as he cut deeper exposing the sinew and muscle beneath. He wondered if he would ever learn to see the succubus. After all Savion drank their blood, but he ate their flesh. This had to make him the more powerful.
It was late that night before he returned to his own apartment. His roommate had fallen asleep on the sofa. He eased his bulky frame into the recliner and found something more to his liking on TV. His attention kept roaming. He kept finding himself staring at Savion and at the gloves he kept upon his hands.
Savion had never let him see his hands. He wondered exactly how terrible they could be. His eyes moved over Savion’s face. All the women liked Savion as much as they disliked Kade. That was unfair. Kade knew he had just as much to offer as Savion. He shook his head, not entirely true.
Savion was ten years younger with long luscious blond hair and dark grey eyes. Women always approached him when they went to a club. But Savion didn’t want them. He killed them. Savion had a gift; he could see the succubus and kill them. Savion could…
Kade leaned in closer, wondering what it would be like to take a man. He eased back into his former position. Savion was too warm, too full of fire, too…well too alive. Kade sighed despairingly. He felt something in his pocket pressing against his skin. He reached in and fished out the source of his irritation. The switchblade. He grinned as he watched the blade spring from the handle. ‘Use me,’ it whispered. ‘you can have anything want as long as you have me.’
Kade nodded, he understood. He would have a man. He would have a beautiful man. Savion would at last let him see his hands and touch them if he wanted. Savion would be just as willing as the women. He would be just as beautiful, just as wonderful smelling, and just as dead as they were.

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