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Sunday, May 20, 2012

William Dunbar Quotes

"A lawyer who does not know men is handicapped."
"All love is lost but upon God alone."
"Gem of all joy, jasper of jocundity."
"In Taking sould Discretion be."
"London, thou art the flower of cities all!"
"Our pleasance here is all vain glory, This false world is but transitory."
"Scotsmen are metaphisical and emotional, they are sceptical and mystical, they are romantic and ironic, they are cruel and tender, and full of mirth and despair."
"To God be humble, to thy friend be kind, and with thy neighbors gladly lend and borrow; His chance tonight, it maybe thine tomorrow."
"To shout the swengouris will nocht rest, All honest folk they do molest, sa piteously they cry and rame."
"Your law may be perfect, your knowledge of human affairs may be such as to enable you to apply it with wisdom and skill, and yet without individual acquaintance with men, their haunts and habits, the pursuit of the profession becomes difficult, slow, and expensive."

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