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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today is My Birthday.

Hi to All.

Thank You All of You.

I am Divyesh Patel from India. Born on 23rd May 1987 at 2.40 AM.

I always thanks to god and my parents for giving me such a beautiful life.

Life is so Beautiful. Just look at it from different angle, you will find it.

Destiny is no matter of chance , It's matter of choice.
Its up-to us what we choose.

i thank you all. thanks for directly or indirectly coming in my life via this blog.

god may give you all good things whatever u want in your life.

Here is just beautiful Rose for you.

Again i m so happy because you made me feel happy by visiting this blog.

i wish god may give u love, happiness, success & peace in your life.

God is Great. God is in me, God is in You.

Thanks you All. Thanks to God.

Finally Thanks to my Parents. I love  my parents.
Some Times I miss my Mom. she gone on 16 dec 2009 in accident.

But my Papa is still with me, so i am happy, please bless for my dad for his healthier n longer life.


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