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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Prince and his magical possessions

Once there lived a king who was known for his audacity and integrity. When he died he left all his kingdom and treasure with his younger brother and his son ‘Prince Gorgian’. His brother was very greedy and a cunning person. He, very shrewdly, confined all the treasures of the palace and whole kingdom to his name and only gave few jewellery and coins to his nephew and asked him to leave the town. Prince had no alternative so he left the town.
While Gorgian was passing through the woods, he saw a parrot who was crying in his cage and after seeing prince he begged prince to save him from his terrible master. As the prince was very kind hearted, so he purchased the parrot with the few coins and jewellery he had and he then set that parrot free. The parrot showed gratitude and presented Prince one of his feather and told him to keep it with him and blow it thrice whenever he requires any help from him. The Prince thanked the parrot and moved further.
On his way while crossing the forest he heard the painful cries of a lioness. He got frightened seeing it and ignored her voice as if he hasn’t heard anything and very slowly he tried to get away from there but Lioness called her and requested him to help her in getting that thorn out from her feet.  Prince told her that he has a doubt on her that when she will be free from her pain, she would kill him.  She convinced her very politely and promised him a magical gift if he’ll help her. Prince helped her and she offered him a some sort of box and asked him to open it whenever he would want to fulfill the most important wish of his life. He thanked and moved ahead in his journey.
Now he came across a river which he had to cross. He saw a snake near the bank who was trying to save itself from a mongoose but was in vain. Seeing this Prince immediately ran after the mongoose and saved Snake’s life. Snake thanked the Prince and told him that if his father will come to know that you have saved my life, he will offer whatever you will ask for. Prince agreed and they both went to meet snakes father. On their way, Snake told Prince that his father is having a mysterious golden ring that his father always wear that on his head and advised him to ask that ring as his reward. Prince did the same and got that ring from snake’s father. Snake told prince that this ring will make Prince a rich man. Whenever he will touch this ring to any object and order it to convert it into gold, the ring will do the same. Prince was very thankful for such a wonderful gift.
After going ahead, Prince Gorgian reached a new city. He liked that place and decided to stay there. Once he was passing by a garden in the city he saw a beautiful Girl there and she was so attractive that he couldn’t switch his gaze from her. He followed her and came to know that she is the daughter of King of that kingdom. He wished to marry her. He came to know that the king has declared that he will marry his daughter with that man who has the ability to build a golden castle overnight on the bank of river nearby. He approached the King and took the challenge but requested him not to send anyone with him from his side for his help. King agreed happily.
Prince opened the box which was presented to him by lioness and in no time a short man of 1.5 feet with a long beard appeared and asked for his wish. Prince told that man to develop a huge castle for him. The short man created the same in no time and then he disappeared from there. Prince then took his magical golden ring and converted the castle and its possessions into gold. Whole town was astonished to see the beautiful castle and King got extremely pleased on this and he married his daughter with Prince. King asked Prince as what he would like to get as marriage gift. Prince asked for the same castle he created. King gifted it to them and both started living blissfully
Some time passed and they lived happily until one day, Prince told the princess about his golden ring and how he created the castle. Princess got so excited on hearing this that she requested prince to convert her hair into gold strings. Prince did the same. She was already so beautiful that with golden hair she started looking tremendously gorgeous.
One day Prince was out of city due to some work and princess was standing on the rooftop enjoying the sunny afternoon. Suddenly a prince of some other kingdom passed from there. The moment he got a glance over the princess he got mad for her. After reaching his kingdom he told his father, the king of another city, about the princess with golden hair. He obstinately told his father that he definitely wants to marry that princess otherwise he will die if he will not get her.
The King sent her soldiers and they abducted the Princess with golden strings from her castle and handed her over to the Prince. Princess refused to marry him and told him that she will only marry him if her Prince will not come within 3 months. She knew in heart that the Prince would definitely come to release her soon.
On other side, when Prince returned to his castle, he was informed by Princess’s maid servant that Princess has been forcefully kidnapped by some soldiers. He got upset and worried as where they would have taken her. He tried to find her all around but in vain.  Suddenly he thought of parrot’s feather that he received as a wish. He immediately blew it thrice. The very moment that parrot appeared and asked Prince how he can help him. The Prince narrated the whole incident and asked parrot to help in finding his bride.
Parrot flew from land to land, city to city, from house to house until he saw the Princess. He came back and gave the information to the Prince. Prince followed the flying Parrot in his boat and reached that city. He decided to reside there until he gets his princess back.
In between he got to know that the King of the city is very wicked and cruel with his people. There is lot of crime and unrest in the whole city, people are not happy and king always ignored them and never listened to poor people’s pain.  Most of his soldiers were also very unhappy with him.  They wanted a change from his dictatorship. Prince took advantage of this and very smartly got mixed up with the key inhabitants of city and encouraged them to raise their voice against King.
Eventually, everyone started a rebel against the king by protests in the city. When King got to know about the whole incident, he ordered his soldiers to present Prince in front of him. The moment Soldiers approached him, he very cleverly got hold of them by offering gold coins and other expensive gifts with the help of his golden ring. Within a month, he got hold of all the soldiers too and thus was able to defeat king and his son. Prince got his bride back. Moreover he circulated back all the wealth of residents which was accumulated by King in his fort with wrong means. He did a lot good deeds for that city and its people and was declared as The King of that city elected by the people. Once again he got all what he lost initially and they started living peacefully.
The End

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