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Monday, May 7, 2012

One Last Call !!!

Ridhi was standing on her terrace, staring at the wide horizon of the sky. She was wondering if any of these stars has the answer to her questions; if any of these stars can turn the wheel of time back. Neither had she looked so beautiful in her life nor had she been so shattered.
Wearing her bridal dress, today she was standing on the thresh hold of a new life. But, she was somewhere stuck between the past and the present . She was thinking ,’ Would her life have been any different if she would have made that “one last call”
Ridhi was 23 when she met ABIR..
It was a staurday evening . Ridhi was waiting for Priya . Abir came to drop Priya. But he didnt even bother to look at Ridhi; not even said a Hello. Ridhi out of courtesy greeted him and he responded in a manner as if he was forced to do so.
Ridhi had never met someone so arrogant..
Next week Ridhi planned a movie with Priya and was really dissapointed to see Abir. She was hoping against all hopes that he had just come to drop Priya and how she hated Priya for asking him to stay. But , that day she spoke to Abir for the first time and realised that there was something which was deep inside him . His eyes were so expressive it seemed as if they could see through her soul.
That night lying on her Bed she couldnt believe herself . She was thinking about Abir. There was something really mesmerising about him.
Her phone rang…
It seemed as if her heart had skipped a beat but she managed to say ..
“Hi “
“Did you reach home safe ?”
“ya ! thanks for the concern”
“How come you are still awake? working ?”
How much she wanted to say  “No! thinking about you ” but fnally she managed to say “just reading a book”
“which one ?”
” half a face “
“Must be  a feminist kind of a book “
“yes ! sort of … but why ???”
“are you a feminist ?”
“No ! i am not .. I just respect my gender “
“Ha! all feminists say that ” and the argument went on …
Next morning she met priya ” Priya he is worse than what i thought ; rude and a MCP dare not bring him again to meet me.”
But Ridhi was thinking about Abir.
That night Abir called her. She didnt pick up but then she thought it might be too rude and she called back determined to cut the conversation short but she didnt realise when the night had passed and they were still talking.
“Ridhi, I am a scorpion. And scorpions do not fall in love very easily but when they do they are very passionate and possessive “
Next day Ridhi was thinking ,”what it would be like to fall in love with a person like Abir” but next moment she discarded the thought thinking that she will never ever fall in love with a person like Abir. But for next few days she couldnt get her mind off his thoughts. She couldnt figure out why ? She wanted to call him but never did instead she waited for his call. But even he dint call.
There was something stuck inside Ridhi’s mind she dint know what it was .
One day Abir called up .
“Hi ! how are you?”
“I am good …how about you ?”
“Why didnt you call up from so many days ?”
“because you didnt …”
Ridhi didnt know what to say but finally managed to say “Abir i dont know why , it may sound insane, but from past 1 week i have been thnking about you.”
“Ridhi i cant fall  in love “
“Abir i am not in love with you and I will never even fall in love with you “
“Ma’am you will not even realise when you will fall in love with me”
“Abir you are thinking too much “
The next evening they met . Ridhi was happy. She cherished each and every moment with Abir. she wanted to know him more now. She loved this feeling but she didnt want to accept that can be love.
She will never forget that evening when it was raining heavily and Abir called up “Ridhi i want to meet you. where are you? “
“I am in office “
It was pouring and Abir was drowned. Ridhi was happy to see him but somewhere she could sense something is wrong.
“Ridhi do you like me??
“….Yes i do”
“what do you think about me Abir ?”
“I dont know. You havent got into my mind space yet and i dont believe in love.”
“Abir i still  believe in the fairy tales of life and i do believe in love . It happens for all of us and one day it will happen for you too..”
How much she wanted say “it has happened with me the moment i saw you “
“Ridhi lets go home “
Ridhi realised that Abir was sad but she didnt know why.
“Abir ,will we meet again ??”
“lets see…bye !”
Ridhi could never figure out what happened that day ?why did he react like that? she could never give  a logic to her feelings as well.
A week later she met priya .
“Priya did you meet Abir ?”
“No, but i heard he has left the city “
Ridhi didnt know how to react but she felt as if she had lost something very precious. She loved thinking about Abir. she never expected Abir to call back nor did she want him to be in his life; there were no expectations but she just wanted to know what happened that day.
She thought of calling him many times but she couldn’t Some times out of fear that he will not pick up; some times out of ego that why should she call if he doesnt bothe. But  Abir never went out of her thoughts. she knew it wasnt love but something was incomplete in her life without him.
Slowly Ridhi moved on in her life. She met Samrat and she started liking him but never did she feel anything like what she felt for Abir. A part of her never moved on. It always wondered how Abir was…where he was.. what happened  that day ???
Today she was getting married ……
Holding that peice of paper which shook her from inside; she was trying to understand why life had to play such a game with her.
It was the letter from Abir ; that day morning Priya gave it to her.
“Ridhi, Abir gave this letter for you when he was leaving this city. He wanted me to give it to you when you will have no way to find him out.
“Ridhi, Abir is no more”
Rridhi dint have the courage to read the letterbut finally she did with her trembling hands……
“Ridhi i know i have hurt you. I am sorry.  That day I wanted to tell something.
“Ridhi I wish I could confess my feelings to you holding your hands and looking into ur eyes; but I have no time Ridhi…”
“I am suffering from AIDS…and by the time you will recieve this letter, i won’t be there. I wish i could hold your hand one last time…But I wil b watching u always”
“Ridhi, the feelings you have for me; its LOVE…accept it.”
“I told you that you will not even realize when you will fall in love with me.”
“Ridhi, I know u waited for me. I also waited for you but i feared loosing you. I could never summon the courage to reach you. I always wished if one day you would take that first step. I wish I could have hold your hand one last time…”
“Ridhi, love is not about  being with a person; its about feeling the presence of that person in your life. A feeling that completes you.”
“Ridhì, your memories completed me. Thanks for coming to my life and for making me realise how wonderful love can be…I Love you …”
Tears were rolling down her eyes.
“ma’am, you will not even realise when you will fall in love with me”
She fell in love but lost it …that one moment changed her life forever. How she wished, she would have taken that first step; she would have made that “one last call”

P.S.: Not every day someone makes your heart skip a beat..makes u smile without reason …and when that person comes to your life, dont loose him….no matter what role that person plays in your life …for how long he stays with you….just dont loose him ….always make that “one last call “

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