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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oliver Goldsmith Quotes

"Aromatic plants bestow no spicy fragrance while they grow; but crush'd or trodden to the ground, diffuse their balmy sweets around."
"Be not affronted at a joke. If one throw salt at thee, thou wilt receive no harm, unless thou art raw."
"Every absurdity has a champion to defend it."
"Friendship is a disinterested commerce between equals; love, an abject intercourse between tyrants and slaves."
"Hope is such a bait, it covers any hook."
"Hope, like the gleaming taper's light, adorns and cheers our way; and still, as darker grows the night, emits a brighter ray."
"It's a damned long, boggy, dirty, dangerous way."
"Let schoolmasters puzzle their brain, With grammar, and nonsense, and learning, Good liquor, I stoutly maintain, Gives genius a better discerning."
"Man wants but little here below, nor wants that little long."
"Modesty seldom resides in a breast that is not enriched with nobler virtues."
"Our greatest glory consists not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall."
"People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy."
"Surely the best way to meet the enemy is head on in the field and not wait till they plunder our very homes."
"The hours we pass with happy prospects in view are more pleasing than those crowded with fruition."
"The very pink of perfection."
"There is no arguing with Johnson; for when his pistol misses fire, he knocks you down with the butt end of it."
"Where wealth accumulates, men decay."
"You can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips."

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