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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Monarchs

Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. These are the four basic elements that make up our world and everything in it. These primeval forces have manifested themselves a s beings of immense power. They are the closest things to gods that anything can be. They go by ancient names: Antoreon: The earth god, Santario: the flame lord, Winona, The wind demon, and Arana, the water nymph. These ancient creatures ruled the universe for millennia. The world was peaceful and all was well. Until a darkness flared up in the heart of man. This flame grew and grew until it manifested itself as a creature of pure evil. It gained powers to rival that of the gods. It gave itself the name of Desrunio, The chaos lord. He started an eternal war with the gods. The two forces battled each other for hundreds of years. Each one trying to take the world from the other. Desrunio began to spread evil in the heart of man.  They began to tear at the world, taking off huge chunks and stripping it of its natural resources and then using the resources against it. All four elements were poisoned and extorted. The manifestos fled and left the world to perish. The supreme forces of space and time came up with a solution to bring down Desrunio and restore the world to the control of the gods. They gave four children an essence of the gods so that they could one day return the world to its former glory.
Chapter 1: Awakening
“What’s happening. Where am I?”
“Who’s that?”
“Nobody move, there’s got to be a light switch around here somewhere.” At these word, brilliant chandeliers hanging from the ceiling lit up. They illuminated an enormous room that looked as though it could have housed a thousand mansions. I was a circular ballroom with golden drapes hung around a hundred giant windows. A pair of stained oak doors filled stood from floor to ceiling. The ceiling itself was painted to look like the night sky, with stars that seemed to twinkle of their own accord. Balconies dotted the walls, all facing the center of the room where four thrones stood on a raised platform. A couple feet from these thrones, stood four teenagers looking very out of place in the grandeur of the room.
“What Is this place?” asked a brown haired girl with large watery eyes. She wore a pair of jeans that looked brand new. She had a blue jacket on with pictures of dolphins.
“This place,” a voice rang out, “is the grand council of the four monarchs.”
“Who said that? Who are you?” asked a burly, African-american boy.
“Look at the chairs.” Indeed, in front of the four thrones, two figures wearing lilac and azure robes knelt. Helmets obscured their face but both of their attires were decorated with what looked like ancient runes.
“Hello children,” said the figure on the right, wearing the lilac robes, “We are the Lords of Space,” he gestured to himself, “and Time.” this time pointing at the person standing next to him.
“The world is in chaos,” said Time, “The lords have been trapped. You are the ones to save them.”
“Who are the Lords?”
“The Lords, Monarchs, Gods, Titans, whatever you care to call them, are the rulers of this world. They embody the basic elements, Fire, Wind, Earth, and Water. Millennia ago, they were imprisoned by a dark soul called Desrunio.”
“For many years, the world has been crumbling in the hands of man. We have finally decided to intervene and attempt to save your disintegrating empire. We, along with The Lords decided a long time ago that if anything should happen to them, they would leave an essence of themselves behind. We are here to summon that essence. They will train you and guide you. When you are ready, you will leave this place and free the true Lords.”
“Are you kidding? Is this some sort of joke? Jared, if that’s you under there, you got me.” said a short blonde girl with pigtails. She wore a cheerleading uniform and an amused expression.
“This is no joke,” said Space in a calm voice. Suddenly, they both turned their heads to the skies.
“It is time. The awakening must begin.”
“What are you talking about? This is stupid.” said a boy who had been strangely quiet the whole time. He had short black hair with one long part covering half his face. He wore black jeans with a black sleeveless shirt. He had adorned himself with a huge amount of spikey jewelry that glistened on his abnormally pale skin.
Space and Time ignored him and raised their arms to the heavens. They began to chant in a forgotten language. As they chanted, multicolored runes appeared in the air in front of them. The runes flashed with all the colors of the rainbow and began to spiral towards the thrones. They formed columns of spiraling symbols and letters around each throne. The thrones began to glow and smoke. They began to turn to dust that was absorbed by the now almost opaque runes. The columns began to solidify, moving faster and faster, until suddenly, four huge pillars stood where the thrones once were. They were made out of ice, stone, smoke, and an almost clear substance that seemed to be fog. For a few seconds, it was dead quiet. Not a thing moved. Then, the pillars exploded, shattering into a billion pieces. No shrapnel touched them, but the released energy was sufficient to knock them off their feet. When they got up, a fine golden haze hung around four figures. The people stepped out of the haze. On was a man who looked like a giant. He was 12 feet tall and muscles seemed to obscure every part of him except his face which was slashed with huge scars. The only part not damaged were his eyes, which glinted with the hunger of a predator. Next to him, a much smaller man stood. He had huge red hair that stood up in spikes. He was wearing a very impressive armor that seemed to be constructed from embers. A smile played across his face as he surveyed the children. A woman stood up, wearing flowing white robes that almost blinded anyone who looked at them. She was platinum blonde and seemed to radiate a bright light. When she smiled, her bright teeth seemed to glint. She didn’t appear to have pupils and her eyes glowed white. The woman next to her was gorgeous. She had long brown hair that seemed to cascade over her shoulders. It caught every available ray of light and sent it shooting down her hair. She wore a dress made of blue and gold strands. It looked like satin but finer. Her eyes were a soft brown and her smile made her look so nice that everyone instantly liked her.
The large African-American man stepped forward, holding a scroll. He opened it and read a name.
“William Mason, please come with me.” The burly black boy stepped forward, trembling slightly. The Lord raised his hand and they disappeared. The man with red hair held up a scroll.
“Erik Ignio please come here.” The black haired vampire looking boy walked forward, fearless. The man said a word and with a puff of smoke, they were gone. The shining woman simply said,
“Amanda Freed, please step up.” The cheerleader walked up to her and they vanished in a bright flash.
“I guess that just leaves us,” said the woman in blue, “Emma Vatte, why don’t you come with me and we can start your training?” The watery eyed girl walked up to the woman and trusted her immediately. She couldn’t say no to such a pretty smile.
“Off we go!” said the water goddess, and with a breeze of salty air, they were gone.

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