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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Moment That Never Happend

What would you do if the love of your life suddenly forgets you?……
Wait….doctor Is she okay?….What happened? I looked at the doctor who brought me to her room and he said I’m afraid that your girlfriend has had an accident when she came back from Brazil and she is suffering through some memory loss but there is a possibility that she might forget everything she did, also she is in critical conditions and I have to tell you the possibilities are low. I left him their and ran to the room where she was at and saw her in the bed with a huge band aid wrap around her head. Alessandria, hello? Are you awake? I saw that she had moved her head and I was thankful that atleast she wasn’t dead. I looked at her and she looked at me.
I told her “All the pain, all the suffering, and all those sad moment’s I’ve passed through. All the things they tell me, it’s like nobody cares, it’s like if nobody wants’ me alive, but something happens when I’m with you”. “I get lost in your eyes, your smile, your voice every time you sing, your just you. I forget about my problems, I really don’t care what they say anymore I really like you…. a lot”. “You’re different, amazing, loveable, and awesome”. That’s why I care about you…; you’re the one for me. I really love you and that’s all I really know and it hurts me a lot when I see you crying. Every time I see you cry my heart aches. Every time a tear role of your cheek and smashes into the ground it’s like if a bullet from a musket hits me in the chest. I wanted to help you, hug you, talk to you, tell you how much I cared about you but I couldn’t. My body said no but my heart screamed yes, goes after her. I was stupid for not doing anything, for just standing their felt horrible, I felt sad, in my head throughout my brain pounding in my skull was that moment we both created. Our beautiful moment…… don’t remember huh? You forgot that accident you had made you forget. You don’t know how I feel right now. That was my favorite memory of us together. Why did you have to go, I told you not to….why? …..why…? Was it really necessary for you to go, on that trip, come back and forget? She rose her head and just looked at me, “who are you?” I just started bursting out crying knowing that what I loved, what I had lived with for a while doesn’t remember me…at all. You don’t remember that day, that moment we created. I know it’s still in your mind somewhere, and I know you will remember who I am after I tell you this…wait let me refresh your memory about what had happened.
“Sorry I have to go home….My Father will kill us if he finds out we are here together” you looked into my eyes and I saw that you really wanted to go, that you respected your father. We were still holding hands but sad you looked. I just couldn’t stop starring at your Beautiful eye’s “sorry I would really love to stay but I can’t” you looked down at the floor. I saw the change in your face, you wanted to go but at the same time you wanted to be with me. Quietly you whispered “do you like me?” I didn’t even wait to respond “Yeah…” I just stood there waiting for her reaction “a lot?” she asked. “Yeah….A lot”. She looked up with a smile, “you really have to go” you looked at me, our hands are still connected but I let them go and touched your face. “Let’s wait until the clock strikes 12:00″ I told you. Then you hugged me and I wrapped my arms around you, “you know how you said that you don’t say I LOVE YOU until you really feel it?” you didn’t look up but still responded, you was shacking and I could feel you heart pound,”Yeah…”.”Well right now I’m feeling Love towards you”. Then the loud boom of the clock hit, it was already 12:00,”oh I wish the time stopped….that nobody would care for us at least for a couple of hours so me and you can be for those hours together, and cherish every minute”. I let go and started walking away, I looked back at you “We should go somewhere together, just us alone”. You just smiled and said “Good Things Happen to Those Who Wait”. I looked you in the eye as I was leaving and answered “Then you’re The Best Thing I Will Ever Wait For, Knowing That Waiting Has No Limit”. You came up to me and gave me a kiss and I returned one, “I hope this stays in our memory forever”. You just smiled.
“Do you remember that…Do you…? That’s one of my most favorite memory, I really meant every word I told you, I just want us to go away from here. I do not care what they say. I love you. I love you very much. I do not want to live without you. Just tell me if you truly meant what we both told each other that day, if it’s true what we both felt? If you’re really here and not a vision. I do not want to have to wake up and then dashed because this is what I am feeling. You’re the best thing that has happened in my life, but now it’s gone it’s like it never happened. The moment that never happened….. She stared at me in a funny way like if she was examining my face. Then she started to cry. “Sorry I don’t remember…but wait your name is Alan….McHale?” I just got a huge smile in my face but at the same time I felt like slamming my head against the wall and I knew she wasn’t right from the head. “No my name is Rob Price”. She looked at me and started to cry even more “I really want to remember you, I really do but I just can’t…. I just can’t”. The doctor came in and tried to calm her down, “you have to go” said one of the doctor’s. I looked at his name tag and it read DR. McHale, and I realized that what I was living was a night mare. We were barley going to get married, live on our own but it was all ruined. Hours and hours passed and finally it was okay to see her again. I walked in and all she told me was “I’m scared…I’m really scared”
And all I thought about was about the moment we had, all the things we’ve both done and about the things we both did. “Yesterday you were okay, but now…today…..your just gone, you’re not the same” and then it hit me what I told her that day we both were holding hands, talking, hugging each other. “Then you’re The Best Thing I Will Ever Wait For, Knowing That Waiting Has No Limit.” Like I said I meant every word I told her that day. “I’ll just have to wait” I told her and then she was gone. The beep of the machine was terrifying . I looked at her and she had her eyes closed. “Alessandria!…Alessandria!” I was yelling “Alessandria!”. The doctor’s came in and said “sorry she was dead”.

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