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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Midnight Rose

Hiding in her room hoping that the yelling and screaming does not make it within her walls again, Dusty sits on her mattress on the floor with her arms around her legs rocking back and forth while humming. Dusty Rose is a 15 year old girl that is living with her mother and step-father. She is no stranger to abuse. Her step-father also has no boundaries of the abuse he inflicts on Dusty. Her father has never been in her life; she has no idea who he is. Her mother Laura refuses to tell Dusty who her real father is or if she knows where he lives. Laura swears that he is a no good piece of shit and that Dusty is better off not knowing him.
Dusty has plans on leaving this life and moving away as far away from her mother and her mother’s husband as she possibly can. She knows that she has to plan her escape quietly. Dusty cannot tell anyone what her intentions are in fear that her mother will find out before she gets a chance to leave.
Dusty works after school as a waitress. Her step-father orders Dusty to give her all her tips and her pay check. But for the past six months she has been keeping money out of her tips. She cannot get away with that on her paycheck because he demands to see what she has made to make sure that he gets every red cent. Dusty has managed to save around fifteen hundred dollars. She has the money hidden in a tin can
down by the creek buried within dirt and rocks. She puts a special rock over the top so she knows she can find the money when she needs it.
The day she decides to leave, the rain is pouring down as Dusty is walking home from work. She hates the idea that she has to give that sorry bastard her hard earned money so he can go drink it away. She takes a deep breath before walking inside the house. She quietly opens the door in hopes that her step-dad Bully (as he likes to be called) is passed out and she will be able to grab her bag that she has packed and can sneak back out the door and finally be on her way to living her own life.
Dusty see’s Bully sleeping on the couch. Her heart starts pounding as she quietly closes the door. She turns and takes a step. The floor lets out a loud creak. Shit! She thinks to herself. Bully moves his arms then settles again. Dusty waits for the right time to sneak past him. She starts walking past him; once making it to the hallway her heart is pounding in her throat and ears so loudly. She would not hear him if she needed to at this point. Making it to her door she pushes it open. She walks into the room without shutting the door. Checking her watch to see how much time she has before her mother gets home from her drinking binge at the local bar, Dusty sits and listens for a few minutes. After not hearing anything from Bully, she decides that it’s now or never!
Dusty puts on a hooded sweatshirt over her wet clothes from work. She decides to take off her tennis shoes and put her boots on instead. Once all this is done she listens again for Bully or her mother, and again nothing. She grabs the backpack that she packed. She then stuffs her last paycheck from the diner in her front pocket of her jeans, takes a deep breath and heads for the living room. Dusty sees that Bully is still on the couch sleeping. She starts to walk past him her heart pounding once again. Then in a faint deep voice she hears the words she dreaded to hear. “Where in the fuck are you going girl?”
Trembling, Dusty turned around and said, “I’m going back to work. I took another shift.”
Bully sits up on the couch and says, “Well where the hell’s my paycheck?”
Dusty says, “I haven’t gotten it yet. Payroll wasn’t finished when I got off of work so I told them I would pick it up tonight after I get off.”
Bully looked at her then looked at the floor. Slowly he was getting off the couch. Bully walked toward Dusty. Once reaching her she could smell his stink breath and how he reeked of stale sex and alcohol. He grabbed her by the throat, then got in her face and says in an evil voice, “You better not being lying to me you little bitch!”
Tears welled up in Dusty’s eyes. Her voice shaken with fear, she says to him, “I’m not. You will have your money tonight.”
He then says, “What the hell are you doing with this backpack?”
Dusty says, “It is pouring rain and I need dry clothes once I get to work or they will send me home.” Bully just stared at her and kept holding her by the throat. Dusty says to him, “I have some money for you right now Bully, if you want it.”
He let go of her and stepped back for a moment then Dusty reached into her sweatshirt pocket where she put money she had separated from her other money just in case this had happened. She handed him a wad of cash, then tells him that there was forty dollars there. That that was all she had made in tips earlier that day. Looking at the money in his hand he then looked at Dusty and smiled the most sinister smile. Next thing Dusty knew she was on the floor and her mouth was full of blood.
Bully started yelling for her to get her ass up off the floor. Dusty struggled to collect herself and get up like he had demanded. Once she was standing again. He hit her again. Once again she was lying on the floor spitting blood. She knew not to let him see her cry because if she shows weakness then his beating will be worse than ever.
“Get Up!” He yelled again. Dusty once again got up off the floor. Expecting to be knocked down again, she flinched as he came close to her. He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her into his face. Using his other hand he started wiping her blood off of her mouth. He then kissed her and held her tightly into him where she could not get free.
The taste of his mouth made her sick to her stomach. She could feel her vomit coming up in her throat. Finally he let go of her, then says there is more where that came from tonight when you get home. He opened the door and pushed her outside so hard that she fell down the stairs off the porch. He threw her bag to her and hit her in the face with it, bloodying her nose.
Dusty picked up the bag and started to walk away from the house that she hoped she would never have to enter again. Using her sleeve to soak up the blood from her nose she walked to the corner store. She used the bathroom to clean all the blood off of her face, then cashed her check and used the phone to call her work. Her friend Holly was working and Dusty needed Holly to cover for her long enough for Dusty to get her money from the creek and catch the bus. Holly knew what kind of life that Dusty lives so when Dusty finally confided in her about leaving Holly was more than happy to help. Holly is older than Dusty by about five years. Dusty told Holly if she is ever able to pay her back for the help she definitely will. Holly told her not to worry about it.
Dusty got her money from the creek but she was not out of the woods yet. She still had to get out of town without anyone that knows her seeing her and telling her family that she is not at work. Dusty made it to the bus station which was on the edge of town about a half mile away. Dusty took every direction but the direct route to get to the bus, trying to convince herself that no one had saw her. Once at the bus station she buys a ticket under a fake name and age. The gentleman working has no idea who she really is and that she is only fifteen years old and on the run. Dusty is still not out of the woods yet. The bus does not leave for about a half hour. The man at the counter told Dusty that she could sit on the bus if she’d like to. She agreed.
Dusty walked onto the bus to find that there were a few other people on the bus. Not anyone that she knew though; she walked to the back of the bus and got an aisle seat. She did not want to be seen from the window. She planned to get a window seat once she is far away from this hell hole that her mother had forced her to live in for so long.
The driver finally entered the bus and announced that the bus would be leaving in five minutes and that everyone needed to be seated and ready to get on the road. Once the bus started moving Dusty’s heart started to pound like crazy. Was her fear going to consume her and she might decide to have the bus driver let her off the bus? Or is she going to ride out the fear and get to her destination in Northern California and start her new life? The bus finally made it to the interstate and Dusty said to herself, no turning back now. You deserve your own life and you deserve to live a peaceful existence without her screwed up family. A smile finally came over her face and she leaned back in the seat, took a deep breath and relaxed. Dusty swore to herself that never again would she step foot in the state of Iowa once she crossed that state line.
By the time Dusty reached California she was exhausted but her fear of her step-dad is set aside, now a new fear has set in. Where is she going to stay? Where is she going to go? Dusty didn’t think that far ahead when she bought the ticket.
The town was very small and had trees everywhere. She grabbed her backpack and her bag of food that she had bought on her trip and exited the bus. She and one other girl got off the bus. There was a bench along side of the building so Dusty decided to sit there for a few minutes and collect her thoughts. The other girl came and sat next to her.
“Hi! My name is Kendall.” She then reached out her hand towards Dusty.
Dusty looked at her a moment then said, “Hi! I’m Dusty.”
“So, Dusty, what’s your story? Where’d you get those bruises?” Dusty automatically put her hand over her face.
Kendall said, “You don’t have to hide them on my account. She then stood up and raised her shirt for Dusty to see that she too was covered in bruises.
“Oh my, God!” Dusty gasped! “Who did that to you?”
Kendall looked away then grabbed herself a cigarette lit it, took a drag then said, “My dad. What about you? My fucked up step-dad.”
Dusty asked Kendall, “so are you from here?”
“Hell No!” Kendall said to her. “I’m from Ohio. Do you have anywhere to go or know anyone here Dusty?” Kendall asked.
“Nope.” Dusty said.
“Me neither,” Kendall replied. “Now what?” Kendall asks.
Dusty said, “Well we need to find a place to stay for the night, and then we will find better housing tomorrow,” Kendall agreed.
What Kendall did not tell Dusty is she is an 18 year old that is running from her pimp and not her father. Kendall had run away from home because she did not like the rules or her new step-mother after her own mother had died when she was 14 years old and has been on the streets every since. Kendall is an average looking girl with short dark hair, an olive complexion, and dark eyes. Kendall bounces from state to state and pimp to pimp. She is from California though; in fact her father and step-mother live in the next town over.
Kendall would not tell Dusty this little secret. “How long have you been on the streets Dusty?”
“Only a few days; well since I’ve been on the bus. So I guess tonight would be my first night.”
“Oh!” Kendall says. Kendall looking at how sweet and innocent looking Dusty is with her fair skin, long dark hair, full lips, and blue green eyes. Dusty is about 5’6 with a curvy body and big breasted. To Kendall she doesn’t seem like she could take care of herself if she needed to.
The girls walked around town and then found an old motel that was run down with a vacancy sign. The girls went inside and asked how much a room was. Dusty gave a fake name and paid the thirty bucks for the room. When Kendall saw the roll of cash that Dusty had with her, Kendall knew she had to stick with Dusty to survive. They went to their room and cleaned up. Dusty checked out her cuts and bruises in the mirror. She promised herself she will never let another man lay a hand on her again as long as she lives. While Dusty was in the bathroom she separated her money so that she did not have it all in one spot and the majority of it would always be kept on her.
Dusty did not mind helping her new friend but not knowing her means, not trusting her and she was not about to put herself in the situation of not having any money. When Dusty left the bathroom she saw Kendall lying on the bed in her bra and panties, she was covered in bruises. Dusty put her bag down on the floor next to the T.V. stand then sat on the bed next to Kendall. Dusty told Kendall that she was going to find a job the next day and that she was going to pay for two more days at the motel giving her time to maybe find something better.
Dusty looked at Kendall and said, “If you want we can stick together and try to conquer what we have been through. We can find jobs and maybe rent a place.” Kendall told her that that sounded good but that Kendall had no clothes other than the ones she had on and they have blood stains on them.
Dusty told her, “I will loan you some of mine for tomorrow then we will go to a thrift store and get some more clothes and better shoes for working.”
Kendall asks, “What kind of job you want to get Dusty?
“Well I have been waitressing for the past two years, so I thought I better stick to something I know. What can you do Kendall?”
“Well…” Kendall hesitates and says, “I’m a prostitute.”
Dusty looked at her and said, “Well you’re not one anymore; we are in a new town and we are starting new lives.” Kendall started crying and then told Dusty what had really happened to her and how she really got her bruises. Kendall’s story made Dusty’s story look like a walk in the park.
The next morning the two girls’s got up and got ready in clean clothes and went job hunting. Downtown they had found an old mom and pop diner. The girl’s walked in and sat down. An older lady came to their table and gave them menus. Dusty asked the woman, “Do you need any waitresses?”
The woman looked both girls up and down then she said she would be right back. They watched the woman go into the back then after a few minutes she comes back out with an older man. They walked up to the girls and the old man says, “So you two are looking for work huh?”
“Yep!” Dusty says.
“Well can you start in the morning?”
“Yes sir!” Dusty tells him. “Do you girl’s have a place to stay?”
“Well we are staying at the circle T Motel right now,” Kendall tells him.
The woman gasps, and then says, “Well not tonight you won’t be, that is a terrible place to stay. We have a one bedroom cabin that you are welcome to have as part of your pay.
Kendall says, “Well we don’t have any furniture or anything.”
“That’s okay says the woman. It’s furnished.”
Dusty asks, “Where is the cabin?”
“Oh honey, it’s on our farm about twenty miles from town.”
“Then Kendall tells Dusty, “We will have to stay at the motel because we have no car to get back and forth.”
Then the man points at Dusty then says, “You got fifty bucks?”
Dusty says, “Yes.”
“Then I got a truck I will sell to you.” He reaches his hand out to her and says, “Do we have a deal?”
“Yes sir, we do!” Dusty tells him then shakes his hand.
Then the woman says, “Well I’m Lucille and this is Henry. Our last name is Moore and we own this Diner.”
Lucille tells the girls that they can stop and pick up their belongings from the motel room on their way out to the farm later that afternoon. The girl’s told them all they had were a couple of backpacks, that they would go get them and meet them back at the diner at closing time. The girls asked where a thrift store was located so they could get some things and Lucille told them up the street about three blocks on the right.
Dusty was so excited about what had taken place that she was talking Kendall’s ears off about it. Dusty bought the girl’s some clothes and shoes for working at the diner. About five thirty they met Lucille and Henry and headed for the farm. Once they reached the farm Lucille said that dinner would be in an hour and they were to wash up and come to the main house for dinner. Lucille headed for the house.
Henry told the girl’s to follow him to the cabin. It was nice. Henry told them that the couch folded out into a bed so that one of them could sleep there and one in the bedroom. He then told Dusty, “I will get your pick-up truck running after dinner and you can follow me to town tomorrow.”
Dusty said, “Okay Henry, but I don’t have a license.”
“That’s okay,” he said. “My son is the Sheriff and I will call him and explain the situation.”
“Okay,” Dusty said. Henry left and headed for the house.
The next morning Dusty got up and got ready for work. Kendall was still sleeping on the couch. “Kendall are you going to work today?” Dusty asks
Kendall told Dusty she was feeling really sick and thought she would stay home that day to rest and let her bruises heal. Kendall asked if Dusty would tell Lucille and Henry for her. Dusty agreed.
Dusty drove her new truck to work which was a 1979 Ford four wheel drive. It was in very good condition. Henry told her that he has had the truck since he bought it new and has only used it for driving in the winter to the diner and on occasional trip to the auction. Dusty was so thankful for everything that the Moore’s were doing for her and Kendall.
After a long day of work at the diner Dusty headed back to the farm to check on Kendall, unaware of what she was about to find out about her friend. Dusty went into the cabin only to find that Kendall was not there. Dusty went and looked around the farm for her in the barns and the main house. There was no Kendall anywhere. Dusty had a bad feeling come over her and she ran to the cabin and checked her bag and her hiding spots for her money. Most all the money was gone. Out of nearly two thousand dollars all Dusty has left is five hundred dollars that she had hidden in her pick-up the night before. Dusty was furious that Kendall hustled her and stole all her money after all Dusty had done for her.
The next four years of Dusty’s life just flew by. She continued to work for the Moores and live in their cabin. They had taken her in like one of their own. The Moores were the only family that Dusty really ever had and she thanked God for them every day. Over the past four years Dusty had never seen or heard anything from her mother or step-dad until one morning when she was at work at the diner and he mother walked in. Dusty could not believe how she had found her. When Dusty was under age the Moore’s let her work
under the table but once she turned eighteen they put her on the books. Unknown to Dusty, her mother, Laura, has been using her personal information to get credit cards and bank loans in Dusty’s name. So once Dusty was put on the books at the diner then her mother knew right where to find her.
Laura walked up to Dusty and said, “Aren’t you going to give your momma a hug?”
Dusty started to tremble because she never thought in a million years that she would see that part of her life again. “No!” She told her.
“Laura,” said Dusty, “you have not seen me since you were fifteen years old. You just took off and no one knew where you are for years. All the worry I went through and I don’t deserve a hug?”
“No!” Dusty told her again. “I want you to leave,” Dusty told her, “before your husband comes in here thinking he is going to push me around again and I will have to shoot him!” Dusty tells her mom.
“Oh Dusty, I’m not with that son of a bitch anymore. I got tired of him spending all my money.”
“I don’t care about your situation or the reason you are here. I want you out of this diner and out of this town or I’m going to call the sheriff and have you arrested for harassing me.”
Laura laughed at her and said, “You wouldn’t dare.”
“Try me,” Dusty told her in a stern voice.
Overhearing the conversation between the two Lucille had called her son without Dusty knowing. Suddenly the door to the diner came open and there was Trevor, Lucille’s grandson, the deputy Sheriff.
Trevor walked up to Dusty and said, “Is there a problem here Dusty?”
“No Trev, she is just leaving.”
Laura looked at Dusty and said, “You remember I’m your mother and you cannot treat me this way.”
Laura went to turn to leave and Trevor asked her where she was staying and she said, “The motel up the street but she would be leaving town in the morning.”
After Laura walked out Dusty looked at Trevor and said, “Thanks.”
Trevor sat down for lunch. Trevor has liked Dusty for a couple years but really has not led on about how he feels for her. Dusty came to the table to bring his food and said, “So what can I do to thank you for running her out of here?”
Trevor laughed then said, “Cook me dinner.” Dusty felt butterflies really strong because she has secretly liked Trevor for quite awhile.
Dusty smiled at him then said, “Okay Friday night I will cook you dinner at my place.”
“What time?” Trevor asked.
“Be there by 7:00.”
“I don’t know if I can because I get off work at 6:00 and I won’t be able to shower and get out to the farm by 7:00.”
Dusty looked at him real flirty and said, “Then shower at my house so you’re not late for dinner.”
Trevor smiled back at her and said, “Well maybe I’ll just bring an overnight bag.”
Dusty turns and looks at him then says, “Why, you won’t need anything to sleep in, and then she smiles, turns and walks away.
Dusty was so nervous because she had never said anything like that to him before although she has liked him for years. Dusty has never really been with anyone…not anyone that she liked anyway. Trevor left her a large tip on the table and gave her a sweet smile on his way out the door telling her that he’d see her for dinner on Friday. Dusty smiled and waved bye to him because her butterflies were so bad that she felt she might vomit. The rest of the evening at the diner was filled with the regulars for pie and coffee so the night seemed to drag on forever. Thursday night Dusty could not sleep at all anticipating her date with Trevor.
When Dusty got to the diner that morning for work Lucille was making fresh homemade pies. Dusty heard Lucille hollering for her so Dusty went into the kitchen to see what Lucille needed. “Dusty, I hear you are having a dinner date tonight with my grandson.”
“Yeah, that’s the rumor.” Dusty replied.
“Well then Dusty I don’t want you to be here all day. I want you to leave at 1pm instead of 4pm.” Lucille told her.
“Oh no Lucille, I don’t need to take off of work for a dinner date.” Dusty tells her.
“Yes! Dusty you will because I have watched the two of you kids beating around the bush over the past couple of years about the way you feel for each other and I want you to take off early today so that you can have everything ready the way you want it…besides if Trevor is anything like his grandfather, then honey you will need the rest!” Lucille laughs and continues to make her pies.
Dusty decided that she would take Lucille up on her offer and just stay until after lunch rush is over. Trevor came in during lunch he told Dusty when she had a chance that he had a certified letter for her from an attorney. Dusty wasn’t sure why an attorney would be contacting her. She finished her tables then went to Trevor’s table and he told her to sit for a minute and when she did he handed her the papers that he had been given to serve to her. Dusty glanced quickly over the papers not really comprehending what they were saying; she had to go take an order to a table, so she told Trevor that she’d be right back.
Lucille had gone to the table and Trevor told Lucille about the papers. Lucille went over to Dusty and told her that she needed to go read those papers that they are very important and that Lucille will take over Dusty’s tables.
Dusty sat back down and started reading the court papers. All a sudden she let out a loud, “Holy Shit!” Everyone turns and looks at her. Dusty starts laughing uncontrollably. Then looks at Trevor and asks, “Is this a joke?”
Trevor tells her, ”No, Dusty. It’s not; it’s legitimate.” Dusty sits quiet for a couple minutes thinking about the shitty life she had when she was younger, and how hard she has been working and supporting herself over the last few years and now she gets court papers telling her that she has not only inherited a horse ranch in Colorado but she has also inherited over 50 million dollars! The biggest shocker of it all is that it was from her real father, someone she has never even met.
Dusty left the papers on the table and then went outside. After giving her a few minutes Trevor went outside to check on her. Dusty was crying. Trevor grabbed Dusty into his arms and held her while she cried. Then Dusty says, “Iif I was so important to him that he would leave this kind of money to me then why was I not important enough to him to help me when I was young and be a part of my life?”
“I don’t know,” Trevor says to her.
“Did I get this stuff because he died?” Dusty asked.
“Yes.” Trevor answered. Dusty started crying again.
Then Trevor says, “Dusty this is your chance for a really great life. You need to take this opportunity and live the life you deserve, and forget about all the bad that has happened to you before now.”
Dusty was quiet for a moment then asks Trevor, “Does this mean that things will change with us?”
“No Dusty. Not at all. I don’t care that you got an inheritance. I liked you before I ever knew about any of this. Honestly Dusty, I have been falling for you for a couple of years; I just never said anything because I didn’t know how you felt.”
Dusty then looked up at Trevor and said Trevor, “I felt the same for you. I just didn’t think you would want me because I’m so much younger than you are.”
Trevor looked at Dusty then pulled her into him and kissed her so passionately that it made Dusty’s knees go weak. Suddenly they heard clapping and hollering coming from inside the diner, as they turned and looked they saw everyone in the window watching them. They both started laughing too. They went back inside the diner and Lucille says to them, “It’s about time you two kiss. I’ve only been waiting for the last two years or better.” Lucille grabs the papers off the table then tells Dusty get out of this old diner, go live your life! Dusty hugged Lucille and then she and Trevor left together.
Three months later:
Against Trevor’s advice Dusty has decided to contact her mother. Dusty felt that she has lost one parent that she never even knew, so maybe she should make amends with the one parent she still has no matter how rotten she made Dusty’s life. Dusty figured that she was an adult now and no longer lived under her mother’s roof, so nothing bad could happen and she would call the shots.
Dusty will be leaving for Colorado a few weeks before Trevor will head there to be with her. Trevor has given his two week notice to the sheriff’s office due to his plans to relocate with Dusty to her new ranch. Dusty decided to drive to Colorado in her new pick-up. She would be leaving in the morning. Trevor had some concern with letting her drive by herself especially knowing that she plans on picking her mother up in Boise, ID on the way there. Trevor has right for his concern.
Dusty was standing in the kitchen getting a glass of water when she felt arms around her and a head up her tank top. Dusty stood there and enjoyed what was taking place, anticipating the kisses on the neck that soon followed like clockwork. For the first time in Dusty’s life she is experiencing feeling a love for someone and them loving her in return. She feels completely safe with Trevor. Turning to face him she tells him, “I will miss you, babe.”
“I will miss you too,” Trevor tells her then picks her up and carries her into the living room floor. He lays her down in front of the fire that he built while she was in the shower. He starts kissing her legs and thighs until he finds his way to her sweet spot that he loves. Dusty lays back and enjoys what she has learned to love Trevor then laid Dusty on her back then started making love to her, they both let out a gasp of pleasure. Kissing each other and caressing her breasts Dusty just smiled with pleasure while hearing him moan so loud; she knew she satisfied him!
The next morning after their goodbyes Dusty was on the road. She promised that she would call Trevor once she got to Boise and picked up her mother, so that he knew everything was alright. Trevor has this strange feeling in his stomach about the mother. He does not trust her.
Once reaching Boise she gets to the hotel that her mother was staying at and Dusty takes a deep breath and then heads into the lobby hoping that this was the right decision. Well it’s too late now she tells herself
after opening the lobby door. The gal at the counter asked to help her. Dusty gave her mother’s name and for the woman to call her mother’s room to inform her that she was waiting for her in the lobby.
The woman at the front desk told her that her mother will be right down. Dusty’s conscience was telling her that it was not too late to get up and walk out. Dusty sat there for a couple more minutes waiting and she just had this bad feeling come over her. She decided to walk out and leave.
As Dusty reached her truck she heard someone hollering for her. Dusty turned around and there was her mother and some man. Dusty looked at her mother and then said, “I told you that I was only picking you up and no one else.”
Laura says, “I know Dusty, but he needs a ride back to the bar where he left his car.” The man was kind of young looking with tattoos, a short hair cut and a goatee. He was about 6’4 or so.
“Dusty please, ” her mother begged.
“Oh! Alright,” Dusty says.
They all got in the truck and Dusty says, “I need to know where you are going.” So the man told her to start leaving the parking lot and head toward the freeway entrance.
Dusty stopped the truck, “You are not coming with us to Colorado! I don’t care what my mother has told you!” Dusty said in a stern voice.
The man said, “I know. You have to cross the freeway to get to my car.” Dusty still felt uneasy and her stomach was in knots, knowing she has done the wrong thing by having her mother near her.
Dusty pulled out onto the road and headed to cross the freeway when her mother let out a really loud laugh.
“What is so funny,” Dusty asked her.
“Oh! Dusty, my dear, you are so gullible. Did you really think that Johnny wasn’t going to come with us?”
Dusty tried to stop the truck to make them get out and then Johnny put a gun to Dusty’s head and told her to drive until he told her to stop. Dusty turned onto the freeway.
“Where are we going?” she asked them.
“Well we are going to your ranch.” Laura told her.
“But you’re not.”
Johnny said as he started laughing, “What do you mean, I’m not?”
“Mom, what is going on!” Dusty demanded.
“You will know soon enough.” Laura told her.
“So I take it. You had this planned all along…right?” Dusty asked.
Laura looked at her then said, “Did you really think that you were going to get all that money, and I was going to get nothing?”
Dusty then said. “I’m here so I can help you mom!”
“Well Dusty, that just isn’t enough because I want it all; not just the measly little amount that you will give me, while I watch you and your new beau live the luxurious life that I want!”
“That is what this is all about, is the damn money!” Dusty screamed at her.
Laura slapped Dusty across the face then told her; “I am your mother and you will not scream at me, you little bitch!” Dusty has not been hit since that day when she was 15 years old when she got away from her step-father.
As they were approaching an exit Johnny told Dusty to take the exit and not to try anything stupid. Dusty takes the exit; looking for a place to pull into and jump out of the truck, or finding a police officer for help. There was nothing there. Deep down Dusty knows what their intentions are, and she is scared to death. Dusty starts thinking of Trevor and how much she loves him and how hurt he is going to be over losing her. Dusty has now put herself in survival mode. If they try to kill her; mother or no mother, she will return the favor.
Johnny had her turn down this long winding road. The road seemed to go on forever until a dirt parking area came up on the right side. Johnny told Dusty to turn into the parking area and turn off the truck. Dusty’s heart was pounding so hard right now because now is when she is going to have to really fight for her life.
Dusty turned off the truck and when she did Laura reached over and grabbed the keys from the ignition. Dusty has one single spare key in her pocket because Trevor was worried she may get locked out and wouldn’t have a way to get back into the truck. All three of them got out of the truck. Johnny was looking around to make sure he didn’t see anyone there before he started pushing Dusty toward the trail head. Laura was right behind them after using the keyless entry to lock the truck. Then Laura tells Johnny that she had locked the truck; and that Dusty has no way to get back inside the truck, because Laura had the keys.
Johnny started pushing Dusty more and more until he finally pushed her toward the ground; suddenly he was on top of her trying to get her jeans off, with no luck he was becoming very angry and then grabbed a hold of her shirt tearing it partially off of her. Dusty was struggling trying to get away from him. He then hit her in the face with his fist. Pain consumed Dusty’s eye socket and she could feel the blood running down her cheek into her hair. Dusty decided it is time to fight back and to fight like she has never fought before. She started hitting and kicking Johnny. Then Laura grabbed Dusty’s feet; and sat on them so Dusty could
no longer kick at them. Johnny grabs Dusty’s bra and tries to rip it off of her but the bra clasp won’t break, but the bra is just digging into Dusty’s skin. The pain is awful, but Dusty will not cry! Johnny was getting so mad at the bra and wanting to get it off of that he laid the gun down on the ground.
Dusty sees the gun lying there; suddenly she grabs the gun and puts the gun to Johnny’s chest as he was sitting on top of her, she pulled the trigger. The look on his face was pure shock. Then she pulled the trigger again!
Dusty screams, “Get off of me you son of a bitch!” She pushed him off of her and pointed the gun at her mother.
Laura was in shock that Dusty had the gun. “Honey, we were just playing with you,” Laura said in a pleading voice.
“Playing with me?!” Dusty screamed at her. ”Now that I have the gun, you were just playing with me! You were letting your boyfriend try to rape me!” Dusty screamed at her. “You are trying to kill me!” Dusty kept the gun on her; then ordered Laura to get on her knees.
“Why?” Laura asked.
Dusty was getting even more furious. “It’s your turn!” Dusty screamed at her.
“Oh! No! Dusty!” Laura pleaded.
“I’m not going to tell you again. I said get on your fucking knees!” Dusty shoved Laura to the ground while screaming at her. Laura got on her knees. Dusty put the gun to Laura’s head and then said, “Thanks for nothing, mom.” She then pulled the trigger.
Laura was screaming and crying so loud. Then Dusty pulled the trigger of the revolver again and once again there was no bullet. Laura put her head in the dirt sobbing, and Dusty ran towards the truck.
Once Laura collected herself; she noticed that she had not been shot and that Dusty was gone. Laura started running up the trail toward the truck too. Dusty reached the truck; her shirt pretty much torn off of her and her bra was hanging down with her breasts exposed. The blood from her eye socket was running down her face and chest. Her vision was blurry.
Dusty reaches the truck; she starts struggling to get the key out of her pocket, suddenly she sees that Laura is running up the trail toward her. Dusty gets the key in her hand; and starts to put it in the lock, but she is shaking so badly that she can’t line up the key right. Finally she gets the door open and gets into the truck, before she could get the door closed Laura grabs the door; then grabs Dusty. Dusty is hitting her anywhere and everywhere to get Laura off of her.
Dusty grabs the gun off the seat believing that the gun is empty, she hits Laura in the head with the gun as hard as she could, knocking Laura to a heap on the ground. Dusty grabbed the door and shut it quickly then locked the doors. She has to hurry because Laura has her other set of keys. Dusty was shaking so
bad that she has a hard time getting the key in the ignition to start the truck. Once the truck was started Dusty put it in gear leaving her mother lying in a hump on the ground. Soon as Dusty has cell service she calls Trevor and tells him what happened. He told her to call the local police and make a report and to go to the hospital. She agreed.
Dusty pulled into the hospital; she sat in the truck not believing what had just taken place. Grabbing the gun and putting it under the seat, she got out of the truck. Exhausted by having to fight for her life she walked slowly up to the emergency room doors. A nurse saw her and ran to her asking her what happened and helping her to a bed. The nurse ordered another nurse to contact the police. After a few minutes a woman officer came into the room and started asking Dusty what happened. Dusty told her and also told the officer that she left her mother lying in the dirt and the man that attacked her was lying dead with two bullet wounds. The hospital called Trevor to let him know that Dusty was in the hospital being treated for minor injuries. He told the nurse that he was flying into Boise in the morning.
After Dusty was treated she did not want to stay in the hospital, she wanted to go get a hotel room and wait for Trevor. Against the advice of the doctor and nurses Dusty left the hospital.
Dusty got to her truck and unlocked the door climbing into the truck she closes and locks the door. She then laid her head on her arms on the steering wheel and started sobbing. Suddenly she hears something and before she knew it Laura was slashing at her with a knife. She is cutting through her hands as she was trying to protect herself. Laura then made a quick slicing movement with the knife at Dusty’s throat. Cutting her throat, Dusty falls onto the truck’s floor board. Dusty lay there for a second she could feel her blood draining and her life flashing before her eyes. Laura jumped into the driver seat and pushed Dusty farther down on the floor to keep her out of sight of others. Laura puts the truck in reverse and starts backing out of the parking place. She looked at Dusty lying there motionless on the floor board. Convinced that she is dead from the gash to the throat, Laura continues to drive to exit the parking lot and head for the freeway.
Dusty is clinging to life by a thread. The gash did not hit her carotid artery, so she was bleeding slowly. Dusty opens her eyes and then sees the gun lying under the seat. She could faintly hear the music that was playing on the radio.
Dusty grabbed the gun; using what strength she had left to turn herself over so she could point the gun at Laura. Laura caught a glimpse of the gun being pointed at her out of the corner of her eyes; she then laughs at Dusty saying, “You silly girl. You know the gun is empty!” Dusty pulls the trigger shooting her mother in the side of the head. Laura slumped over the steering wheel causing
the truck to crash into another car in the intersection.
Dusty looks at Laura’s lifeless body then says, “I guess it wasn’t empty after all, you greedy bitch!”

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