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Friday, May 11, 2012

the black hole

A cold black night had crept up out of nowhere and surrounded the old house. Mr. Melvin got up from his chair and switched on the porch light. The filament of the lone bulb fought against the dark night and pushed it away from the porch. Mr. Melvin was caught in a yellow sphere floating aimlessly in pitch black space. What made this particular night extra dark was the growing black hole inside Mr. Melvin’s heart. This black hole had sucked everything else from his heart and now nothing remained. He felt this and tried to think back in time to the point when this black hole had emerged for the first time and begun on its destructive path, sucking him dry. But he couldn’t think of any particular point. Maybe he was born with it. A lot of kids are born with a hole in their heart. The difference with him was that his hole had no materialistic shape or appearance. No doctor ever saw it and so it was never removed, and it had grown as he himself grew. And now after 42 years it had replaced his heart completely. The lone electric bulb flickered and Mr. Melvin sat back in his chair and tried to dig up his old memories and try to find out when that black hole had actually showed itself to him for the first time. Memories started circling around his half drunk brain like the insects that were circling around the lone electric bulb. He travelled back in time to when he was 25 years old. He had just found another job at the new mall that had come up in the town. He had felt good about that job. It was just what he had wanted. He had very less responsibility and the pay was enough for him to survive. This way he could concentrate on his music. He used to work all day and then go back to the basement apartment he had found on rent and just play his guitar. He never tried to rush himself to write songs. He always knew that the right thing to do was to just be one with the guitar and let the music flow from within. But back then he didn’t know about his black hole. It was that black hole that had prevented the music from flowing. Nothing came out of his heart and everything was sucked in. it was the black hole that made him give up on music. He hadn’t touched his guitar since then.
It was only after a few more years that he himself became aware of his condition. He had been dating a beautiful girl and he tried to give her everything she wanted but somehow he ended up hurting her. It was then he realised that the black hole inside him was making him say all those mean things. It was the black hole inside him that made him hit her. It was the black hole inside him that made him kill her.
The night drew closer and the cold crept around the bulb and his chair. He adjusted himself on the chair and checked his gun again. It was loaded and the safety was off. He was as ready as he could be for what was to come. He was going to get rid of the black hole tonight. He wanted to be free from it now. Everything bad that he had done in his life had been because of the hole. Like when he had bit the black kid’s arm in kindergarten. All the fights he had been in through out school. It was this black hole that had made him kill the women he loved so much. But it was also the black hole that helped him in getting rid of the body and not getting caught by the police. He had been confused before but he wasn’t anymore. He was certain that he didn’t want the black hole anymore. He sat there inside the yellow sphere of light on his porch and felt safe for a while. He felt as if for a moment the black hole had gone and he was free from it as long as he stayed inside the yellow sphere. The lone electric bulb flickered and Mr. Melvin’s hopes showed their own futility. He realised the hole was a part of him and there was only one way to get rid of it. He raised the gun and pressed it against his head. The shot was heard for miles and someone would have come if anyone had been living there. The bulb flickered one last time before dying completely. The yellow sphere shrunk quickly till only the burning filament was visible and then it was all dark. The black hole had spread everywhere.

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