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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Robert William Service Quotes

"A promise made is a debt unpaid."
"Ah! the clock is always slow; It is later than you think."
"Avoid extremes: be moderate In saving and in spending; An equable and easy gait Will win an easy ending."
"Be master of your petty annoyances and conserve your energies for the big, worthwhile things. It isn't the mountain ahead that wears you out - it's the grain of sand in your shoe."
"Be sure your wisest words are those you do not say."
"His life, though none too long, Was never dull: Of woman, wine and song Bill had his full."
"I have some friends, some honest friends, and honest friends are few; My pipe of briar, my open fire, A book that's not too new."
"It's a different song when everything's wrong, when you're feeling infernally mortal; when it's ten against one, and hope there is none, buck up, little soldier, and chortle."
"It's the steady, quiet, plodding ones who win in the lifelong race."
"No man can be a failure if he thinks he's a success; If he thinks he is a winner, then he is."
"This is the law of the Yukon, that only the Strong shall thrive; That surely the Weak shall perish, and only the Fit survive."

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