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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Faun Sees Snow for the First Time by Richard Aldington

Cloud-whirler, son-of-Kronos, 
Send vengeance on these Oreads 
Who strew 
White frozen flecks of mist and cloud 
Over the brown trees and the tufted grass 
Of the meadows, where the stream 
Runs black through shining banks 
Of bluish white. 

Are the halls of heaven broken up 
That you flake down upon me 
Feather-strips of marble? 

Dis and Styx! 
When I stamp my hoof 
The frozen-cloud-specks jam into the cleft 
So that I reel upon two slippery points ...

Fool, to stand here cursing 
When I might be running!

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