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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Daisy by Richard Aldington

Plus quan se atque suos amavit omnes, 
- Catullus

You were my playmate by the sea. 
We swam together. 
Your girl's body had no breasts. 

We found prawns among the rocks; 
We liked to feel the sun and to do nothing; 
In the evening we played games with the others. 

It made me glad to be by you. 

Sometimes I kissed you, 
And you were always glad to kiss me; 
But I was afraid - I was only fourteen. 

And I had quite forgotten you, 
You and your name. 

To-day I pass through the streets. 
She who touches my arms and talks with me 
Is - who knows? - Helen of Sparta, 
Dryope, Laodamia ... 

And there are you 
A whore in Oxford Street.

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